The countries with the most Fediverse servers are rich and former/current colonial powers. One of the best true barometers of the success of the Fediverse is how quickly we can turn that on its head. ( )

In the end I don’t think internet users in rich powerful countries are the users most likely to benefit and invest their time into in the fediverse. They might be the ones with the most free time, money and privilege around computers which makes being on the leading edge of niche technologies far easier, but I don’t think...

I'm really annoyed by how much Brave Search is pushing AI

I've been using Brave Search supplemented by Startpage for the past 2+ years. When I search for something, I want to get results for credible webpages, not a summary of unknown quality. I liked the previous AI inclusion because it was instant, didn't take up much space, and I could quickly navigate to the websites referenced in...

Some questions about fedora

Hello. These questions are self-hosting related, but I feel they do partially belong here as they are also about fedora linux in general. I have a server which is currently running Debian. It has an arc GPU, and no matter what I do, video encoding refuses to work. I was thinking I might move it to Fedora, but have some questions...

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