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I've gotten back into Cyberpunk 2077; This game went from a disaster to becoming the version which should have been released! So many systems reworked, being able to ride the Metro in cinematic style, and the new story of Phantom Liberty makes this game great. It's still disappointing that the pool of romanceable characters is so small, with only one gay man in the entire line up. At least the other parts of Cyberpunk 2077 are so much stronger, like the lore about the Cyberpunk universe; talking about the game makes me want to continue my Phantom Liberty play session!

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If they would have released this current version instead of the shitty release that we got at first...That would've been better in my opinion and I could've easily lived with a stable, fun game. We never were going to get a 1 to 1 trailer version of Cyberpunk 2077; I made peace with that after learning the misleading nature of trailers in general long ago (personally find trailers should be honest). It's close but not 100% there.

As for my enjoyment being taken away, you couldn't have if you tried! It was just a strongly worded response to my own post. You didn't do what most people would do and devolve into slurs or other demeaning statements used on those who have contrasting opinions.

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PC seems to have gotten a better deal in that regard it seems! I do wish they would address the console issue of occasional crashes though, but I am happy you are having an smooth game experience.

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UI differences are a big factor in the success/failure of decentralised federation of diverse platforms and content

And this seems a good example: bridged posts onto which has a lower character limit than Mastodon.

So, just like posts on mastodon, you don't get the full content of the post (which ends with an abrupt ellipsis here) and have to take a link to the original platform.

However powerful the underlying protocols, this isn't far from screenshots.


modulus ,

Definitely, AP is not magic. But if even within one protocol round-tripping and full-fidelity is impossible or very difficult, that makes it only harder and less likely through a bridge.

maegul , avatar

Yea a complete protocol to protocol bridge seems far off for sure. But a platform to platform bridge seems to be working fine for the moment (masto-bsky), and that seems a reasonable expectation.

kooraBloog , to Firefox French

ريال مدريد يؤخر التحاق إبراهيم دياز بالمنتخب المغربي
سيُجبر النجم المغربي إبراهيم دياز لاعب ريال مدريد الإسباني على التأخر في الالتحاق بالمعسكر القادم لأسود الأطلس، بسبب مشاركته في نهائي دوري أبطال أوروبا بين الفريق الملكي وبوروسيا دورتموند الألماني في 1 يونيو القادم.

ويُعد إبراهيم دياز من أبرز النجوم الذين يُراهن عليهم منتخب المغرب مُستقبلًا، بعدما نجح في استقطابه من منتخب إسبانيا الذي كان قريبًا من تمثيله.

ومن المحتمل أن يكون دياز آخر الملتحقين بمعسكر “أسود الأطلس”، وقد تواصل مع وليد الركراكي المدير الفني للمنتخب المغربي حول الموضوع، وسيحظى بمساندة جميع زملائه في الكتيبة المغربية الذين يتمنون تتويجه باللقب الأوروبي.

وحدد وليد الركراكي تاريخ 1 يونيو موعدًا لالتحاق لاعبي منتخب المغرب بالمعسكر الإعدادي القادم بمركز محمد السادس لكرة القدم، استعدادًا لمواجهتي زامبيا والكونغو برازافيل برسم الجولتين الثالثة والرابعة من التصفيات الأفريقية المؤهلة إلى مونديال 2026.

وأشاد كارلو أنشيلوتي مدرب فريق ريال مدريد بالنجم المغربي إبراهيم دياز، بعد نهاية المواجهة التي جمعت “الملكي” بمضيفه 4-4؛ وذلك بقوله في المؤتمر الصحفي الذي أعقب اللقاء: “إبراهيم دياز قدّم موسمًا جيدًا للغاية، وساعدنا كثيرًا، هو وخوسيلو وأردا غولر كذلك”.

وكان المدرب أنشيلوتي وراء عودة إبراهيم دياز إلى ريال مدريد هذا الموسم، بعدما لعب الموسمين الماضيين بنظام الإعارة مع نادي ميلان، ويمتد عقد الدولي المغربي إلى غاية صيف 2027 برفقة الفريق “الملكي”، ومن المرجح أن تجدد إدارة الرئيس فلورنتينو بيريز عقده بسبب تألقه خلال الموسم الجاري.

وأَثْبَتَ دياز فاعليته وبأنه “جوكر” حقيقي في يد المدرب أنشيلوتي، سواء لعب أساسيًا أو احتياطيًا في تشكيل ريال مدريد خلال الموسم الحالي 2023-24، حيث أسهم في تسجيل ناديه 21 هدفًا، بتسجيله 12 هدفًا وتقديمه تسع تمريرات حاسمة بعد مشاركته في 23 مباراة أساسيًا و21 احتياطيًا، استنادًا إلى بيانات موقع “ترانسفير ماركت” المتخصص في الأرقام والإحصاءات.

sugar_in_your_tea ,

This has nothing to do with Firefox.

وهذا ليس له علاقة بفايرفوكس

benzta , (edited ) to Technology

Social media plus - doordash clone script

SocialMediaPlus - Instagram clone script is a versatile mobile application that aims to replicate the functionality of popular social media platforms like Instagram. It offers users a user-friendly interface to effortlessly create their own personalized social networking app, tailored to their preferences. With an array of sophisticated image and video editing tools and interactive post engagement features such as likes and comments, SocialMediaPlus ensures a seamless user experience. Users can connect with friends, stay updated on their activities, and browse through their updates, echoing the social dynamics seen on established platforms. With its robust features and intuitive design, SocialMediaPlus has the potential to revolutionize the landscape of social media app development.

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Has anyone tried the DE for in the recent years?

How was the experience?


REdOG , avatar

No, I guess Wayland is kind of on my to-do list....I just don't need anything it offers. I'm grumpily enough implementing systemd already

anders OP , avatar

I see. Well for me too, Xorg offered all the features I need and is still more well supported than Wayland in some areas, but on my system Wayland has so much better performance. On Xorg I was having mouse lags, on Wayland it's just smooth.

the100rabh , to Firefox avatar

Seems like @firefox @mozilla is doing something right

cyrus , avatar

They should've just moved the other twitter domains too 🫠

Ballistic_86 ,

I know those issues, I like those issues, let me browse your shit site with those issues

pirafrank , to Firefox avatar

If you got an RTX card and use @firefox you can now get video upscaling on your PC

delirious_owl , avatar

Computer, enhance.

Dindonmasker , avatar

I looked in the control panel and didn't see anything new so i guess i was already using it lol

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melroy OP Mod , avatar

@grue Ice is gone in the meanwhile after we last talked.

melroy OP Mod , avatar

@grue Current state of the polar bear.

giorgiosarto , to Fediverse Italian avatar

Federation issues between the instance and


HI @TheAdmin
I noticed that there are problems between the instance and our instance.

When someone on a social network sends me a message I don't receive it and I can't search for messages even using the message handle

We did some tests with @informapirata who also has @pirati 's account and in fact nothing works

It doesn't seem to me that the two instances are mutually blocked or muted

giorgiosarto OP , avatar

@gubi For the first time I can read your message! Can you read me?

@informapirata @fediverse @TheAdmin @pirati

informapirata , avatar

@giorgiosarto I don't think @gubi can read you, because my account @pirati can't. In
fact I can't even capture your message from the search box, using the unique address

@fediverse @TheAdmin

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bittin OP ,

@TWiT @android all 122 of the word

saving the 1,5 hour developer keynote for tommorow afternoon:

samojedesamu , to aww avatar
Zerlyna , avatar

Beautiful! I had an eskie long ago (close to Sammy) and he was the best dog. If I ever get another dog I would definitely do this again.

Dorkyd68 ,

Love the pup. But my God chill with the hashtags

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Democratizing Data: How AI Analytics Empowers Every Stakeholder
The democratization of data through AI analytics represents a paradigm shift in how organizations access, analyze, and leverage data. By breaking down barriers to data access, empowering decision-makers, fostering collaboration, engaging stakeholders, and ensuring ethical use of data, AI analytics has the potential to transform organizations and drive innovation at scale.

JoeBecomeTheSun , to Firefox

@mozilla @firefox @thunderbird @Waterfox Out of curiosity, and as a feature request, when do you plan upstream Waterfox into Firefox and Betterbird into Thunderbird. The additional customizibility options of Waterfox would be a great addition to Firefox and the bugfixes and improvements made to Betterbird would work great in Thunderbird. When forks of your products make great strides it is a good idea to consider upstreaming these changes for the betterment of all.

JoeBecomeTheSun OP ,

@sabreW4K3 I am sorry, I took these screenshots with the GNOME screenshot tool, what computer are you using?

sabreW4K3 , avatar

Not your thought. It was a problem with Lemmy not fetching them from Mastodon.

maegul , (edited ) to Fediverse avatar

The fediverse won’t succeed at putting up a substitute and that’s a problem?

Just an impression: All the pieces seem to be there. But what’s required is a team, with devs, PMs and coordinators, dedicated to making a particular place in the .

That’s resources and decently sized financial and organisational demands, especially to get a critical mass of users.

Is the fediverse up to that challenge? If not, is it an issue worth addressing?


iso , avatar

I guess the new plugin system is capable for those features but unfortunately I have to reject. I already have some hobby projects in mind but I don’t even have time for them because of my job.

haui_lemmy , avatar

Amen. Same problem here. But feel free to hit me up if you find someone who wants to do it. I wouldnt mind helping with design stuff since that meeds different skills than coding.

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