Do old phones just sound better?

So I've been messing around with a few phones lately, a nexus 6p, a pixel 3a xl, and a s21 ultra, and I've noticed that on the 6p and 3a xl both sound louder, punchier, and clearer when compared to the s21 ultra. They also both have that thicc notch design with a massive speakerphone which might add to the high volume levels.

Android App for tagging locations on a map?

I'm searching an android app to mark the locations of multiple parked cars. It should be possible to mark different cars somehow to identify them. It would also be cool if there is a feature to share the location with someone on another devica (like a sync between users, NOT copy of coordinates or link on maps...

4 months durability for an $800 phone!

My old $200 Motorola G9 Power phone lasted almost 4 years with only very minor scratches. Obviously in that period I have dropped it a few times getting out of the car, where the phone sometimes work itself out of my pant pocket while I drive, and then it slips out when I get out of the car. But no problem on my previous phones,...

Rant: vanilla local app search is ridiculously bad

For a search company I can't believe how terrible the Android app search is. I can't even search "bank" for my banking apps, and there doesn't really seem to be any metadata except for the title that goes into the search. Which is absolutely ridiculous given how many companies name their apps something cReAtIvE like "home" or...

Android custom ROM with rooting support

So I'm interested in buying a Pixel 8 to install GrapheneOS in it but I'm also interested in rooting it and from what I've read rooting your device with a privacy focused custom ROM like GrapheneOS beats the purpose of installing it, so I don't know if it's actually posible to do it or if it actually has any grace, honestly I...

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