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GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Had the same idea, but it won't work:

  1. There's a 15 min edit window from the time message was sent.
  2. Edited message tag is visible
GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

On the flip side, they can read your group chat messages. Many(me included) will prefer that it isn't a possibility.

GreenEngineering3475 ,

Probably a ban evasion measure linked to your IP. Try changing your IP address and then comment, might work.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Are there any other options?

A persistent banner asking to update at the bottom of the search bar is a good idea. Barring access to an essential app under any condition is just bad UX.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

I never had this issue. What were you using deb, rpm, flatpak or snap version?

GreenEngineering3475 OP , (edited )

Firefox flatpak version had a lot issues. It has improved a lot, still a long way to go.

I have exclusively used Firefox flatpak for the last year and updates has been quite smooth. Never had my session closed automatically(to my memory) due to an update, usually waits for me close the session and when I reopen its updated.

My experience is limited to Ubuntu.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

People on metered connection and low connectivity areas are probably going to more inconvenienced by this force update banner. Unable to use your message app because you forgot to update and now cannot connect to the internet.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

The bar shows dates?

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

The badge is to help people identify official apps.

I think it's not about that development but whom the data is being sent to, the state or some third party that provides same services.

Like a National Emergency Broadcast app or app for vehicle and driver's license registration service, that need sensitive info like your Govt ID and other details.

Google Photos will soon more easily let you block someone's face from Memories ( )

One of the best features of Google Photos is the app’s ability to show old photos as a “Memory,” but sometimes showing a specific person isn’t what you want. Now, Google Photos is preparing to make it easier to hide someone’s face from Memories.

GreenEngineering3475 ,

Google Play’s simultaneous downloads do not apply to application updates, which would be more useful as updating is more common than fresh installs.

I agree with the author, updates happening in parallel would help with the 3mb update to Gmail holding up 30-40 mb update on another app problem.

GreenEngineering3475 OP ,

Duo was perfect for this.I really miss Duo.

GreenEngineering3475 ,

Direct link to the article:

GreenEngineering3475 ,

Never "UBlock" always use "UBlock Origin"."UBlock origin" is way better(filters) than UBlock(which has an accepted ads program,also owned by Adblock Plus).
Its available for Firefox android.

For more info on "UBlock" vs "UBlock origin"

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