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rorschah ,
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there are many interesting one’s for me this issue, mainly :

  • Drag and drop of folders will now work with sandboxed applications (Drop a folder from Nautilus onto Amberol)
  • In the works is accessing USB devices with per-device, per-app permissions.
  • Adding CSS variables support to GTK.
  • Grouping notifications by app in GNOME Shell.
  • CalDAV/CardDAV support in Gnome Online accounts.

Hope we get many of these in coming few months.

Spending a few days with Hyprland made me realize how awesome Gnome is

Don’t get me wrong. Hyprland is great. I like it a lot. It looks fresh, it’s easy to configure and the keybindings are super easy to implement, but it’s also very barebones. Most of the functionality expected from a DE come from external software. Be it a top bar, an app launcher, a notification daemon or anything else....

rorschah ,
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Same here. being subscribed to unixporn community, hyprland always makes me wanna try it. but everytime i did, i just couldn’t make it as my norm. Then i return to my good old Gnome.

(what sereral months of DE/WM hopping made me realize was i am not good at using WM’s. The only one i used atleast few months was openbox in archcraft )

rorschah ,
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The slowness with libretube mostly origin from the server/instance you selected ( i am not sure though ). Maybe try a different instance ?

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