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Dose any one have a list.

There seems to have been an unusual number of attempted illegal actions from the tories since they gained power.

It seems we are constantly hearing about odd moves or attempts to work around the system. And them fighting court cases that proove what everyone thought. They are breaking the law.

Add there inventive attempt to pass laws they have already failed. And refusal of benifits constantly voting rejected as against their own created rules.

It seems worth considering their record while the still claim to be a party of law and order. Those laws only apply to folks not themselves.

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Come on man. When a party of wankers is forcing you to take it in the arse.

Variety seems like the least you can expect right.

Well that and the party actually letting you vote for the member used. Blue tories really have not done that for 3 inserted members.

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Ok tory supporters will think this is no more then a conspiracy theory. But after the last 14 years. Anyone still supporting tories. Has little claim to realistic ideas.

But recent news about tory backbenchers responses to the snap election. Truly call Sunaks motives into question. At least his motives for being so sudden without warning Cabinet and senior tory members first.

It was made clear yesterday that a call for a Vote of no confidence was being gathered by the 1922 Committee. With several new MPs planning to submit letters to the committee. It is now being rushed by some. In an attempt to cancel the election before the may 30th desolving of parliment.

It really dose look like his sudden move was to try and prevent the party having yet another leadership fight. The most generous interpretation is. He is trying to save his own party from the bad reputation a 4th unelected leader would create.

Worth remembering when tory media starts to point out the left vs right fights in the Labour party. That the tories are far from united. And his comments about Starmer breaking promises to gain leadership. Are outweighed by the fact he actually lost his own leadership election and many MPs were actively trying to replace him when he called the election.

While labour had approx 500000k members select Starmer. Some under protest.

Sunak could not even gain a majority amongst the approx 350MPs of his own party. Who instead wanted a lettuce brained economic strategist. Who to this day is still writing books claiming the world economic reaction was wrong. And she knew better.

You know the very world economic reaction sensible capatalism based economic policies are built to expect. A sizable portion of tory MPs want a leader who sees economics as some magic formula of actions. That can override the confidence level of world wide capital investment. Worth remembering when the leader of a party that has spent 14 years failing to fix the economy. Tells you ,about are garrenteed to destroy it.

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A bit.

Because at the end of it. His constituents have chosen him multiple times. Labour has no right to deny them the chance to do so again.

So if they refuse to offer his direct voters the same options. He likely feels he has a duty to let them choose between him and some Labour parachute accident.

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Guess. But he has a lot of tory opposition. As they consider it a indevidual freedom issue.

Going into an election having relied on the opposition parties to support you. Because the party you lead can't be convinced to vote for you policies.

Looks bad. So he likely dud not bother to risk it.

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Yep. But it dose make me wonder. Was the sudden call of the election more about Sunak avoiding a vote of non confidence. Then a strategic move.

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As gnome shell and ubuntu. Have nio such good faith agreement.

And thisbis just a process ubuntu has to reduce its own work load.

Who really cares. Ubuntu can include and reject any software they choose.

Ubuntu users can also add and take what ever risks they choose.

And gnomeshell can choose to change there releases and software as they choose.

This os the cost of free as in speach software. If you are need 3rd parties to make your software work. You have to accept they have the same freedoms you insist on.

Personally i prefer that and the option to use older versions if thing go wrong. Then a privrate for profit ccompany making the same choices with less freedom for me.

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Risky sunks promises boil down to one thing.

More tax cuts funded by punishing the most venerable in society. Totally ignoring all his claimed improvements to the econ.. Have benefited the wealthy corporate elites. Who's income has increased hugly relative to inflation. While the voters he is trying to convince immigration and disabled are to blame. Have lost money relative to inflation.

He is desperat.y trying to ignite a culture war to excuse his own parties obsessive austerity for loss of service quality.

While Kier Starmer simply lacks a will to invest.

Both pretty bad. But only one can be seen as outright cruel.

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Classic but accurate

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Well yes. But then conspiracy theories are already being weaponised.

Like any defensive weapon. It needs some seriose consideration on how deployment should be implemented.

I have no answers. But the conversation is very needed.

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Wow. First time since he gained power in oct 22.

That Sunak has made an announcement, he has public support for. Well done.

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In power from 22 oct 22 till today.

And this is the first announcement he has made, that he actually has public support for.

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If that's true. Current odds are at 11/2. So may be worth you risking a few quid. Good luck

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Your not alone. Even tory backbenchers were expecting autumn time.

Seems they think, the recent inflation news is the best chance they have. Especially given how desperate he is to claim the usual labour bad on econ. Dispite 14 years of failing to get it right.

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Same situ. Never actually made a bet

It did surprise me they had the same odds on hung par.iment as tory win.

1/9 for a labour win.

So please campaign they seem pretty confident in labour majority.

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Not to different here.

Its not so much about trust. Its more a case of if I have to suffer a dick in my arse. I d like some variety, And a rapest who at least still thinks he should try to convince me I asked for it.

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Wow real optomism. I thought that was extinct on the left.

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Yeah you may have heard the term. Parliment is sovereign. It literally means there is never a true lame duck.

While parliment is dissolved. And technically the MPs are no longer MPs. Government can act but only in a clear emergency. The act they can always make. Is to request the king to make temporary laws.

Its never happened since the restoration. But technically the point of our constitutional Monarchy is the king passes power back and forth when parliment is opened and devolved.

In the event russia attacked or something else between 30th May and the end of the election count. Likely 5th or 6th. Sunak can operate government as normal. But would ask the king to enact any change in law. And parliment would be opened soonest once everything is sorted.

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Yeah not really. The day means nothing to the average brit. No event that happened then is important enough to raise a single eye brow. As another poster pointed out much of the world celebrated something similar on some day in a year.

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Yeah we all know its significance in the US. Because US movies and media are a huge export.

It is just not considered significant when making any plans.

In the UK the whole US UK war was the act of a mad King. Our parliment at the time refused to fund it. And the war bankrupted the royal family. Sorta leading to our current odd funding. Where parliment profits from royal land. And funds the monarch in exchange.

So the events have more historical significance then average brits recognise. But we don't tend to treat the date any differently beyond the odd. "Oh the yanks will be on holiday."

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Sorry but that is a little unrealistic atm. We on the left just do not have the support for such a protest to be effective.

Even a weak labour win. Where left of centre mps could slow government function. We don't have enough MPs with a rebellious streak to limit much. And no other opposition likely to have the numbers to help.

If we had a significant number of green MPs. Maybe. But honestly there are few places where urrent data dose not mean. Voting green is going to help tories rather then create a green mp.

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Nope. Fptp is fucking crap.

But you are correct. 2 evils.

But beyond genocide. One is planing to use culture war blaming and punishing disabled to fund tax cuts.

While the other just refuses to invest in a nation where voters are scared of spending.

There is a clear lesser of the evils. And refusing to vote also favours the incubant party.

I live in a constituency where labour is not the most likely way to remove a tory mp. So other bad options exist. At least one that a.so hates fptp in my area.

But unfortunately you are correct. Our fake democracy forces you to look at the history of your area. And avoid voting for the greater of multiple evils.

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Wish green was a winnable option in my area.

They are far from great. But at least are a real change in Ideas.

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I'm am going to correct myself a little.

I said not voting favours the incumbent. Currently that is less true then in the past. The principle has always been. People in your area will be more likely to vote for consistency. It is just a human nature thing. We avoid change. So the MP you have now is more likely to win. Unless many people are motivated to change.

This election is pretty unique. Even compared to 97. We have many many voters thinking like you. But outright hate in many tory traditional safe seats. Add the huge change in many borders.

Things are a little less predicable then ever. I'm still not a fan of the don't vote idea. But honestly have less data to challenge the logic.

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Sorry if below seems like I am teaching granny to suck eggs. I assume you recognise much of what I am saying. I just think it is essential that this conversation is opened up to as many readers as possible.

The “target rate” is achieved by creating unemployment.

Agreed. Although other options exist. The main issue is, Corperations are so bent on the growth economy. That lack of growth means layoffs. There is no reason most companies cannot keep staff during higher borrowing times. And just use inflation adjustments to continue to function as is.

But the share price economy is not about company survival. But growth above inflation and punishing firms that fail this.

It is not a must. Only the result of the stupid expectation,of current capatalism.

And impossible eventually without some major changes in resource allocation and energy production.

At least impossible with the goals claimed by all western governments.

The only way companies can grow without increasing inflation. Is for others to lose. Or for new resources to be found.

Our capitalistic ideas where grown over 2 major periods. The land expansion economy of colonialism. Where resources where taken from New nations not able to value them competitively. One of those resources being labour.

Followed by the oil economy where some nations were again able to pull a valuable resource (reducing the need for labour) from other nations with less ability to gain value.

In both of those the people of the original source of resource lost out hugly (as a society) to support the growth of our economies.

Unless we have a new group to exploit. Or some way to gain resources with 0 loss.

( asteroid mining and solar power from space may make this a possibility but not definite without will)

The only people who can lose out to support the continued growth economy. Is our own people hired by stagnant or failing companies.

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Followed by the totally unrelated article.

Converting you garden shelter into an XL bully kennel.

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To be clear. What he actually claims is.

Cut immigration by forcing disabled people. Who we can assume have already been found unfit for work. Or they would be forced to work under UC. To be reevaluated and forced to find jobs.

The things forgotten.


The current UC WCA is far from lenient. To be found limited capacity for work. Takes a pretty strong requirement.

And has nothing to do with PIP. So many on PIP are already working. Universal credit is for non working people. Disabled or not.


I doubt they forgot this. They just hope we will.

But the figures the show prooving an increase in claims.

Compare a period where DWP was rejecting PIP claiments by at least 60% falsely. And was continually challenged and lost in court. To a period years later when the previously rejected cases are being added to the totals.

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what have you got to consider?

Cost. Austerity really means the department cannot afford to fight a case.

And you know GB will fund a legal complaint.

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You realise the reason ofcomm has no teeth.

Right wing party with almost 15 years of austerity. Create department without teeth to take right wing tv channel to court.

Not a coincidence.

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with people on lower incomes and those without a car disproportionately affected.

Not to mention disabled. Many disabilities both physical and mental. Make driving impossible. Not just visual impairment as I have.

But the reduction in bus services especially to smaller towns and villages. Where its often moved to 0 buses or one bus every 2 days like services.

The reduction over the last 15 years or so has become very noticeable. Forcing a huge increase in cost. As taxis that have increased hugly in price since the pandemic. Are the only option people like me have.

I am old enough to remember pre privatisation as a child. Where you could get Sunday level services everywhere, even on Xmas day. When there really were few places apart from very extream areas. Where commuting via public transport was not an option.

What ever way you look at it. The tory privatisation of buses has failed miserably.

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Agreed. I had no idea. But then I've never actually been involved with anyone going through this.

But the whole idea is basically slavery. Sure I can understand. ( and honestly as a raging hetro, would likely feel it myself). If you married a set sex and are attracted to that sex. The person your with changing that. Would really feel disturbing.

But the idea i could actually prevent a partner is insane. It is basically returning to a time were men owned the wife. IE Mrs as in the property of Mr.

The one savior. Divorce is relatively easy. But still requires fault or long separation.

I don't know the facts. But if a court refuses to see refusing a gender change as a fault to force a divorce. Then I can see trans partners having to live years separated from their spose to force a divorce to allow a change. So basically forced to live how the spose insists gender wise. For years weather they remain involved or not.

Under no circumstances should it be acceptable. For one human being to have that much control over the body of another non consenting human.

Its basically returning to the ideals where rape within marriage did not exist.

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Seems more logical to increase rather then reduce options.

Its crap because of lack of GPS atm. But you always have a right to see a second gp. Or change your GP.

So surely even if you have a prejudiced GP. Thay are not all that way. Also historically laws change procedures. Little comparative history.

Back in the 60s it was illegal to give the birth control pill to non married women. And lots and lots of GPS were very vocal about that being correct. With some being anti pill in general.

But when the law changed. The fact that people had the right ment few GPs refused. Because why bother to fight a losing battle. And the ones that did changed over a few years.

Basically even with religious objections. Once the NHS guidance changes. GPS and doctors tend to adapt even if slowly in limited cases.

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No expert here. But in most situations. It is impossible to see any specialist. Without a GP or ER etc for situations that have resulted in an emergency or hospital visit of some form.

The NHS has never had the option to see a consultant. Without a more genral doctors recommendation.

So this is not suggesting labour would just add GPS to the process. They are already there and able to do as you suggest. Although you have the right to see the data and file formal complaints if the were being obstinate.

What they are suggesting is allowing GP to start the process with out needing the multi member board to validate the patients need.

So given the numbers. A few prejudiced GPs is still a much much greater list of people you can turn to, most of them following the guidance. Then the current methods that currently still allows some GPS to be arseholes.

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You can. Most things have gui options.

But you quickly learn for somethings. The terminal is just easier.

If you ignore odd stuff. Most everyday stuff to maintain the system is available in a controlled panal like program. It varies based on distribution and windows manager. But the basic setup is there for most things.

Its when you want to do something creative it gets more complex. While most commands have gui apps. Most online guidance will just find the terminal an easy way to guide you.

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As a legally blind person also my brother.

DWP really is crappy. You ask for help filling thing in. They out right say they can't.

You are literally forced to insist. My brother literally sat at the desk with his guide dog. And said I am not leaving untill I get help.

This was when moving him from DLA to PIP. When it first happened.

Disable people should not be forced to fight for their rights. By the same government responsible for enforcing the laws.

You are entirly correct many lack the energy and strength.

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DWP still fucks us though. Refusing to provide help with claims unless you insist. Takes ages to get things sorted with them keep saying. We are not allowed to fill the forms for you.

If you are not someone strong enough to stand up to them. They will fuck you over in the name of process. Saying you need to find someone to help you. PS do not do that. Make sure they get someone qualified.

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As bad as the post office behaived. And it is finguck disgracefully.

What seems the most effective way of preventing this behaviour. Is some way to ban parliment from passing its duty to manage the judiciary on to 3rd party organisations.

Seriously our courts police and CPS is supposed to be how laws are kept equal without giving agency to people with conflicting interests when examining evidence. And government ministers are supposed to oversea these organisations under the scrutiny of a parlimentry majority. IE democratically ( ignoring how crap fptp is).

Yet the post office was handed CPS's job and police investigational powers. For crimes it perceives from its staff. Not entirly unique RSPCA has been given policing investigational powers with animal care crimes. Local authority CPS and police powers with council tax payment cases.

But in all of these crap systems. The whole point of judiciary having no conflicting interests in the gathering and or evaluation of evidence. Is totally ignored. Just to allow our government to invest less in ensuring non biased investigation and prosecution of laws. While claiming its for efficency.

Any situation where UK citizens can have their freedom removed based on evidence gather evaluated and or presented by people with conflicting interests in the results of that evaluation. Is clearly prown to curruption. And our government should simply have no right to pass those guys to organisations with other priorities and motivations then justice.

Of course banning a future parliment from anything is impossible in our current constitutional monarcy. So it would require a pretty historic constitutional change to allow some form of limits on all parliments. But it is time for something significant i personally think.

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Worse the only ones that can. Tend to be more wealthy so more likely to vote tory.

Good thing he is unlikely to read lemmy.

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Honestly with the actions the tories have made over lately.

I'm starting to think winning is not their plan.

I can see them forcing the labour party to make promises by looking like they are trying to bribe the poor to vote for them. Challenging them in debates. And living about labours claims in the media. Making voters think they are offering way more then they are.

And just trying to make labour look like a complete failure in the first term.

There recent attempt to indicate they need to prepare for nuclear war. Gives them huge options to force labour to come out with defence spending promises. During the campaign.

This would either be unfixable or limit labours ability to make other promises. Allowing 2029 to be about how labour has failed to improve anyones lives.

Add the recent media news about the end of the recession. Based on limited evidence and very short term improvements.

They will then be able to say labour failed to keep the tory repair going.

I really don't think the tories plan to win. Just force labour to have to commit to spending in ways that will slow down any improvements in the econ.

HumanPenguin , (edited )
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While non of these promises seem very impressive. I will respond to a few of your comments.

Code for austerity, some arbitrary cap on fiscal deficit.

Agree fully

How could that be done if spending rules are ‘tough’? By raising taxes on the rich? I highly doubt that even with the higher taxes, the Government would be able to raise enough revenues to ‘fund’ a green transition.

He is talking about a company competing in the current energy structure.

It really dose not require huge investment. Companies can both sell energy created by other companies. So produce 0 themselves. But only buy from green sources. Already selling. That dose is increase the demand for green energy without actually investing anything in it.

Or it can invest in one or 2 very small energy production schemes that are green. And sell that to other companies

While that costs money. He makes no promises about how much would be spent. It could literally be a company owning one windmill. And his claim has been achieved.

Its really only an expensive promise if you add assumptions about how big the gb energy company is going to be. He has not made any commitments on that.

Cutting NHS waiting lists by providing 40,000 more appointments each week - funded by tackling tax avoidance and non-dom loopholes.

NHS would require a shit ton more spending than whatever could be raised by tackling tax avoidance. Decades of austerity has to be compensated for.

To fix the NHS compleatly yes. But he is only offering to reduce waiting lists by 40000 more appointments

He dose not say what type of appointments or make any promises as to the costs invested.

He could litralling hire a nurse 40hrs a week. Much as GP are already doing. Average of 10 mins an appointment. 240 appointments a week. That is 167 nurses.

Not a huge cost. Or much of a promise.

Hitler particles detected. How will the security command be paid for? NHS has to be funded by ‘tackling tax avoidance’ but funds for border security never need to be ‘raised’.


but I agree its not costed here. But also remember he. He really has not committed to spending much on everything else yet. So how much dose he need. How much is he actually promising here.

what annoys me more. Its just a rebadged tory policy they have failed to achive. So is he planning to copy failure to commit as well as policy? I will add. Tories rwanda bullshit iss costed at 150k per victim sent. So if that is costed in the current budget. Then cancelling it and using that money would technically be costed. So its no worse then tory bulshit.

What is antisocial behaviour?

pretty well defined in the past. By both labour and tories. Its not a new thing.

Also how are revenues for police officers raised? Every bit of welfare has to be ‘paid for’ by raising taxes or whatever but there is no mention of how police officer salaries would be paid for.

Agreed. But again what is he actually commiting to more is not a number. Hiring a few specials (is that the still the name for unqualified part time officers now) would meet the commitment.

Its another promise with no real measure.

Recruiting 6,500 teachers, paid for through ending tax breaks for private schools.

Its fascinating how he can’t just say ‘Recruiting 6,500 teachers’, he has to ‘pay for it’ with something else. Why do private schools exist in the first place?

because some folks want to pay for an elite education. But the better question is why the hell are they allowed to claim charity status and not pay taxes on the fees.

It is potentially a fairly large some of money. Lots of higher earners send kids to privrate school. And every privrate school uses charity status to allow no taxation on the income. I actually like this idea. But its an old one. Labour has used multiple times.

Where it might fail. If you increase the cost of provrate scooling(I'm gonna leave that typo. As I did not go to a privrate school ;) ). As this would fairly huge. You may see an equal number of lower wealthy deciding they cannot afford it. So it deff has a failure point. But less provrate schools is still a win to some extent.

This is so bad, Starmer is really showing that he is not different from the Tories********

Oh def agree. Including typical promises that don't promise much. Long time tory practice. Offer something that sounds great. But give 0 detail of what it actually will be.

PS I am visually impaired on a tablet. So sorry I make lots of typos. I try to fix the ones I see. So lots of edit but again vision is crap so I just miss loads. Sorry but live with it please.

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That’s just not true…

Followed with a list of excuses pointing out. It is actually true.

I think you need to understand the meaning of true. Having reasons for why he did do something. Dose not mean the person saying he did something is living.

At the end of it. The man won leadership of the party members. By making overt pledges. Then cancelled all those pledges. If you can't understand why a high % of party members feel there vote was stolen by him. You are not trying.

Honest Democracy involves convincing voters to follow you. Not lieing to gain there vote.

If you can't convince the majority of a party to follow you. Run to lead a party where the majority agree with you.

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which is why he’s gone from 20 points behind in the polls to 20 points ahead.

Not entirly correct.

He made that gain entirly because of tory actions. Starmer has not won support. The tories have thrown it away. Nothing starter has done has had huge influence on voters.

He is at best seen as a less currupt continuation of the same politics.

Tortoise and hare. Tortoise did not win through his effort. Hare lost via his overconfidence.

Starmer is just a Tortoise who was lucky enough to be challenging a stupid hare.

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To be classed as a ebike legally in the UK. Where we are talking about.

It must make a max speed (15mph) i think max power ( 250w for 2 wheel higher for 3 wheeler) and be classed as electrically assisted. IE peddling has to be an option both when powered and not powered.

If any of those rules are not met. It is legally an electric motorbike. And must meet the laws for a motorbike. Including a licence.

As I can't drive due to vision. Whe it was a little better I was looking into the rules of making a ebike conversion. This was a while ago. So some things may have changed a little. But the ebike vs motorbike requiring a licence principal still applies.

Hence why things like escooter are basically illegal on public roads. (With a few experimental exception s for hire ones. That require a depriving licence.

HumanPenguin ,
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True. But that means the system would work. As a e scooter or e motorbike would just roll to a stop.

But OP was specifically talking about the ebikes as mentioned in the article. And by UK legal definition an illegal ebike. Is not an ebike. So anything defined as one would still be able to escape and likely faster then the max 15mph electrically assisted is allowed to operate at.

Of course decrepit old facts like me would likely go slower if riding one was still viable safty was.

But yeah its all silly really yes ebikes as mentioned in the article have other options.

But the current e scooter craze where folks often ignore the law and its there actually trying to shut it down makes more sense. I doubt the article written was actually very informed about the differences.

Also I have to wonder about e motorbikes. These things legally(licenced driver) or illegally self built (yep I considered hiden switch ideas that could make it from ebike to an off road e moter bike for fun) but they tend to be pretty darn fast. And have insane acceleration speeds when built to be an emoterbike legally or not.

So I wonder weather a cop would be able to keep a directional microwave antenna pointed at the system long enough to work.

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He’s only going to win because the Tories are so vile

Honestly currupt and incompetent is a better word then vile. Not because I personally don't think their vile. Honestly vile seems way to nice a word to me. If I was religiose id say 300÷ MPs constantly being buggered by demons. And makeing the nation pay for their enjoyment.

But because the main reason he will win. Is he appeals to tory voters who support their policies. So people who clearly do not think they are vile.

Its the fact that thier corruption during covid. And utter incompetence over the last 4 pms. Really has left tories own nasty voters thinking starmer may actually be competent at implementing policies that change very little from there own goals.

Unfortunately due to first past the post. The rest of us are left choosing between demonically inspired incompetent currupt arseholes. Or the only viable way to remove them. Even if the policies are not that different.

Myself I'm in what was a tory safe seat. That LD just won local by a land slide.

So even starmer is unlikely to be the best way to get tories out. I'll watch polling because anything is better then the current tories. But 1 tory or 2 sane tory copies parties really will be all I can choose with out basically helping the tories by voting for a no hope option.

FPTP Really is feudalism hiding as democracy. Were basically forced to choose lube or no lube. Getting buggered by someone we like/agree with just ain't an option. If I vote green or any other left of centre party. I'm basically voting for poor and disabled folks don't deserve lube Sunak

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Honesty politics of some form happens at every euro v. We are always hearing about nations using votes to express their like or dislike for other nations.

It seems to just be a fact of life with this comp. Most just laugh it off in the media afterwards.

People are people prejudices and nationalism is always going to show when it has a hold in a nation.

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If i missed a few stupid typo correction. Sorry visually impaired so while I try to reread and catch them all. It can be a nightmare when I make a typo autocorrect replaces with something wierd. Ashanti to Asian tiger seems to be a fav here

The whole thing was a mess. And well we brits have a pretty arrogant establishment.

But here is a story that made me smile when I learned it during some research into the history of the UK Ashamti wars.

When our ancestors finally defeated the Ashanti in 1896. They demanded the golden stool. As a punishment for the defiance of the Ashanti. As the stool was a very important part of the tribes identity. And according to history. It was given over by Queen Yaa Asentwaa (True bad arse worrior Queen who lead and motivated the final rebellion of the tribe. Seriosely read up on her she is inspiring) gave over the stool before being banished from Ghana by the brits.

And we have been holding it in British museums ever since.

But sometime around the 1970s. When our (young at the time) Queen visited the nation. It was discovered we were given a fake. Queen Yaa Asentwaa had given the British soldiers one more FU after admitting defeat. And the rullers of the Ashati Tribe in Kumasi ( city in Ghana still rulled by the Ashanti Asantehene(king) till this day (the status of the city and King is built into their constution). Has been using the real golden stool as their traditional laws requires for all formal ceremonies since 1896.

As someone who has always had an interest in the region (long still close relationship with Nigerian ex gf). And have always been a bit pissed about the arrogance of many actions of our nation during that time.

I find the effectivness and ease that the British commanters had the wool pulled over there eyes. Hilarious.

When you add the final war of 1896. Was after almost 100 years of the brits regularly starting wars trying and out right failing to beat the Ashati into submission. The tribe being a constant thorn in our ability to rule what we called the gold Coast and managing to remain independent of the British for all that time plus the Portuguese and Spanish who several times tried to controll the area from the mid 1700s.

The history of the Ashati empire really is fun to read about.

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