kaputter_Aimbot ,

The Android version is on sale, too.

$1.99 (excl. VAT) / 2.19€ (incl. VAT)

Tap for spoiler

It was 7.99€ before; don't know about the US prices

And there is also the free (as in beer and in freedom) VoxeLibre.

It was formerly known as MineClone2 and runs on the also FOSS Minetest game engine.

Ephera ,

Minetest on sale for 100% off.

dan1101 ,
@dan1101@lemm.ee avatar

Same with the cool little adventure game Veloren.

Rentlar ,

Tired of microtransactions? Wanna install (better) mods, and any texture pack you please? Just play the Java edition.

Zos_Kia ,
@Zos_Kia@lemmynsfw.com avatar

Yes that is what this post is about. The 15$ bundle includes both bedrock and Java

MeDuViNoX ,

PolyMC is great for java edition.

WerDei ,
@WerDei@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Don't use PolyMC. Prism Launcher is a fork without the crazy lead dev that kicks developers for being queer, and is a better launcher anyway.

MeDuViNoX ,

Ah ok, I didn't know the lore.

SplashJackson ,

PollyMC (2 L's) will let you run Minecraft Java without having an account, but I don't recommend doing this because you should support the developers and Microsoft really needs the money

WerDei ,
@WerDei@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

I should warn you, avoid this link at all costs:


Willie ,

Yeah, you get to pick your cat in Prism.

WerDei ,
@WerDei@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Or a mouse <- this user is a big Teawie enjoyer

Zos_Kia ,
@Zos_Kia@lemmynsfw.com avatar

killer feature right there

M500 ,

Any point in Minecraft instead of minetest with a mod?

Zos_Kia ,
@Zos_Kia@lemmynsfw.com avatar

But can you join Minecraft servers with minetest? The community aspect is pretty important for lots of players.

ILikeBoobies ,

It would be for the servers to change to it

Zos_Kia ,
@Zos_Kia@lemmynsfw.com avatar

You mean like a server side mod?

ILikeBoobies ,

It’s a different game so if they ran that instead of Minecraft you would avoid the Micro$oft issues

As a player you could suggest the migration and see how people react

Zos_Kia ,
@Zos_Kia@lemmynsfw.com avatar

Oh that's a totally different take then. Nobody is going to suggest to a MC community to uproot, install a new game and transplant there. That's not a thing that ever goes well. Plus, it's not about one community in particular, it's about this whole ecosystem of independently owned and sometimes interconnected minecraft servers. As i said the social culture is very present in the way many people enjoy the game.

Now if there was a mod for minetest that could spoof the MC protocol (it is openly documented on the internet) and allow me to join a MC server, i would definitely do it, especially if minetest is more lightweight / hackable.

Fiivemacs ,

Not returning ever since they forced microshit

pineapplelover ,

How else are you supposed to play Minecraft?

Edit: are we talking Java edition?

xkforce ,

Mojang is owned by Microsoft. Both versions of the game are developed by Mojang which is beholden to what Microsoft's goals for the game are.

pineapplelover ,

I don't like Microsoft but don't think I can run away from Minecraft. Got a server with my friends and I really like the game. What would even touch it as a competitor or alternative?

Paranomaly ,
@Paranomaly@sh.itjust.works avatar

Closest is Terraria. 2D, yes, but very expansive and tons of content

MeDuViNoX ,

Yeah, I've easily got 10x the time in Terraria vs MC.

I wish the maps were bigger though.

520 ,

Minetest. The game is way more open and customisable, and you can add in whatever rulesets you like.

AceFuzzLord ,
@AceFuzzLord@lemm.ee avatar

I left after the Java chat/sign/whatever filtering controversy. Never got into bedrock edition, so I never had to worry about it. Don't know if they backed down on it, though.

And the microtransactions are also absolutely abhorrent as well. Never felt with them, but I don't know a single sane person who actually like them.

scottmeme ,

What's included

1 texture pack


Arbiter ,

Don’t forget the mine coins!

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