YungOnions , avatar

Here's a reminder that Ubisoft is a hateful company run by a hateful man and no one should be buying their games:

pkmkdz ,

Bruh, they're treating their employees AND customers like shit.
Shittiest DRM and launcher (on par with ea), shitty TOS (lose games if you don't login for some time), killing games, "AAAA" bullshit, list goes on

kakes ,

I've avoided these AAA games for a long time, but I gotta admit, an Assassin's Creed game set in Japan does pique my interest. Can't wait to buy it once the DRM expires - assuming reviews are good.

Poiar ,

Ghost of Tsushima will probably still be the better Assassin's Creed Japan game

Big_Boss_77 ,

Gonna say... ghost of tsushima already more than scratches that itch... and it's not ubisoft.

slaacaa ,

I mean, not much commitment needed from our side: I will see the gameplay and the reviews after launch. If I like it, I can buy it based on that and I have a good game to play during Xmas break. If not, I skip it, many interesting games to play

kakes ,

Absolutely. I'm way past the age of feeling like I "need" a game that hasn't even released yet, lol.

I remember I definitely felt that way about the first Assassin's Creed game back in the day, but the video game landscape was completely different back then.

Zahille7 , (edited )

If you like open world survival crafting games, and a fan of sci-fi/Half-Life/SCP at all, Abiotic Factor just came out into early access, and it's pretty fun. The current content can last you anywhere from 30-70 hours right now, and they're only going to be adding more throughout the rest of the year (the 1.0 release is expected to be around November-December).

I just finished the story so far in my main game, and I have another character with a small group I found on the discord's LFG channel.

ETA: not sure why I got downvoted for suggesting a game, but whatever.

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