Thcdenton ,
starman2112 , avatar

No shit, that's the entire problem

_core ,

There's no law saying that car companies can't brick your cars software after ten years either. I bet if car companies did that there would be laws made damn quick.

amio ,

Yeah, well, no fucking shit, what'd they think was the point of the campaign?

These guys...

therealjcdenton , avatar

Then decree one

DaseinPickle ,

How does that help shareholders? Democracy is when shareholders get richer! Something something pension funds and trickle down economics.

starman2112 , avatar

Helps protect the shareholders from guillotines after the proles get fed up enough

Not that I'm advocating for that or anything

DaseinPickle ,

Don’t worry, the guillotines won’t be necessary. Sam Altman will create a universal income to keep the poor from any violent urges. Of cause that income is paid in some crypto coin and requires you to scan your eyes in some orb and happens to make Sam Altman rich, because he founded this coin.

Who knows, maybe you can by micro transactions with worldcoins in the future.

sirico , avatar

The website is literally only there to placate people from taking to the streets, and it works really well. I don't think there has ever been a petition that hasn't been fucked off by the government, at most it gets to a table of about 6 people who webcam themselves before chucking it in the bin and going for an expense paid lunch in Canary Wharf.

Ultimately is comes down to us to get back to only supporting games that we can own but as a collective gamers just go with the Malibu Stacy with the new hat and then complain after rewarding the boardroom of these companies with good returns.
I'm so glad Ross has kicked this issue into the light but just signing a petition and thinking you've done enough is only the pre-cursor.

scrubbles , avatar

After hating Ubisoft for months because of all of this, I see people fawning over the new Assassins creed that was just announced, as if that isn't going to be the exact same, overpriced, boring sorry, empty world game. This one will be different!

I will probably get it - in 2 years when it's priced at 10 dollars, and I'll know they will take it away from me. I will basically rent it for 10 dollars. How anyone is gleeful about paying full price for an Ubisoft game is beyond me.

starman2112 , avatar

It takes place in 17th century Japan? I might actually buy a used copy if it doesn't have any fantasy elements whatsoever, and if the open world aspect isn't just a time sink like it is in most modern games

AceFuzzLord , avatar

If there is no law preventing a publisher from rendering older games unplayable, then surely there's no law against fans making them playable again, right? (Besides the obvious copyright bullshit most every developed nation has in place and stuff like that, obviously)

sirico , avatar

Are you aware of the UK government?

Aurenkin ,

Well yes, that's kind of the point of a government petition, no? It is your job to make the laws.

Risk ,

Anyone that expected the current British government to do anything a government is meant to do... Well... Let me introduce you to the past 14 years of disappointment.

ThePyroPython ,

Well technically yes but actually no.

The online parliament petitions are just there to placate the public into thinking they're being listened to. Occasionally they are, when the MPs or party whips sense an opportunity to win some votes or increase their polling.

Supporting gamers, in their eyes, won't do shit because gamers don't vote in large numbers.

RightHandOfIkaros ,

Yes UK, very intelligent. There is no law preventing this currently, which is why people are presenting it to you. So, you know, you can make a law about it.

I guess it really is true that the average human IQ has been decreasing.

CTDummy ,

What a response from a government lmao.

“Hey this is fucked and we want you to step in and do something about this.”

“Unfortunately we are currently doing nothing about this. That’ll be anywhere from $80-100k+ per year per politician, thanks.”

Delphia ,

You need to think on a Macro scale with stuff like this. The fact is that this voice got loud enough to get a response, and thats how the ball gets rolling.

Most politicians wouldnt consider the videogamers and tech crowd to be a great demographic to chase, but if theres one politician who needs an identity... one who thinks "I can be the "Pro-consumer rights" member. Videogames just being shut off, rights to books and movies you "bought" just being revoked...yeah thats a cause thats hard to argue against. Makes me look like a champion of the people. Especially young people."

It got a "Yes, we heard you." It doesnt mean you stop.

CTDummy ,

The point I’m trying to make is obviously there are no laws for it currently. That’s why a petition gathered enough signatures to warrant a response. “There’s currently no requirement” feels like a non-answer. That and the department then goes on to run defence for these corporations citing cost; indicating a misunderstanding of the movement. For sure agree that this is just the start and to keep going though.

100 ,

good news, politicians are often much cheaper than that to make laws tailored for your corporate special interests!

webghost0101 , (edited )

Its not addressing the campaign its addressing the businesses who are scared of the campaign.

They’re saying there is nothing to fear because what they do now is legal and they have no interest in increased regulation.

acockworkorange ,


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