steeznson ,

PPSSPP has to be the best emulator I've ever used. It never crashes regardless of being used on Android or various desktop OS's. Performance is great while maintaining accurate emulation of the games.

Bandicoot_Academic ,

Did Apple allow JIT or is it using interpreted CPU emulation? Because if it's using interpreted emulation then the performance is gonna be realy bad.

Edit: I actually checked and it's using interpreted emulation. Interested to see the performance impact.

xan1242 ,

It's not bad at all, actually. The interpreter is excellent and the Apple devices are fast.

The benchmark game would be Gran Turismo, where it can lag really badly in the menus. But other than that, a lot of the games run just fine.

Shadow , avatar

I can't tell what this does from the site linked, but I said the apps name out loud and my cat came running.

MossyFeathers ,

It's a PSP emulator.

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