grue ,

Translation: ad impressions, microtransactions, and Skinner box tactics.

9point6 ,


Well here was me clicking on this thread thinking "oh! That seems like a positive shift in mentality"

Then I read your comment.

Was a fun 3 seconds

bund ,

wish i could super upvote

starman2112 , avatar

You can always press the button twice

mindbleach ,

Twice does nothing, but thrice works.

Opafi ,

Liked your comment so much I just did it there.

Allero ,

And forcing the PlayStation Plus subscription.

Zehzin , avatar

I was gonna say they'd make all their single-player games open world bursting with "CONTENT" like an Ubisoft game, but they kinda already did around the end of last gen

Corngood ,
Quexotic , avatar

I love that this is pronounced Arr Poo (ARPU)

realitista ,

Everyone's fighting over our poo

Quexotic , avatar

And today I love a stranger. Wonderful!

RightHandOfIkaros ,

So basically they have had really bad sales lately and this is how they justify it to their shareholders.

hitmyspot ,

Or the movement to microtransactions means prolonged time playing will lead to more income, whereas number of sales is completed.

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