chemicalwonka , avatar

and full of spyware embedded

Hugh_Jeggs ,

Has anyone any experience of Ulefone stuff

Seems like it'd be good for clumsy fuckers like me, and useful on building sites too

fartsparkles ,

Found malware in the voice recorder app on one out of the box (from Amazon while in Japan). So that was fun.

Ilandar ,

I don't think anyone is actually so clumsy that they need a phone like this. If you think you are, it's likely because you're not focusing enough on using the phone when you're using the phone. Inattentiveness is a major cause of phone drops from what I've seen and experienced.

Morgoon ,

People with inattentive disorder like using devices too

Hugh_Jeggs ,

You've clearly never worked on a building site 😂

Ilandar ,

I didn't say anything about building sites. I was responding to the part of your comment where you claimed you need a fugly brick phone because you're clumsy.

endlessvoid , (edited )

I have their power armor 18t, bought it cause it was the only rugged phone that had all the tmobile 4g and 5g antenna bands, as well as a headphone jack and sd card slot. It was a total risk as I'd never bought a Chinese phone before, but I think it may be the best phone I've ever had. (Only had Samsung and Sony phones before this)

I took it snorkeling in the ocean several times, came out completely unscathed.

My only complaint is that the thermal camera replaces a wideangle camera on the non-thermal version, which I would have realized if I'd read the specs closer.

It would probably be a gimmick for most people but I use the thermal for my job (electrical inspections) and it is as good as my other IR tools. I found it so handy I picked up another one for my field team.

I also bought an armor pad 2, and although I don't use it as much as I thought I would, it's still great on the occasions that I need it. Again, it comes in real handy on construction job sites, no need to baby it or worry about rain.

Hugh_Jeggs ,

Hmm this is your only comment on the whole fediverse, and the guy below found malware on one of the installed apps

Guess I'll be giving this brand a big fuckin swerve 😂

redcalcium ,

I highly doubt phone companies would astroturf on lemmy though.

endlessvoid , (edited )

Fair enough, I moved to reddthat from recently, thus the lack of history. But it's good to be skeptical of things you read on the Internet, I understand where your head's at lol.

BlastboomStrice , avatar

Yes! I had one, from 2016 till 2020. Ulefone vienna (not a rugged phone).

If you like modding like me, then it's probably not a good idea, as they usually have little community support and the mediatek chipset contributes to this even more.

Back then, I think it did probably had some kind of a malware, but with root I removed it (I could also do it with adb commands if I knew back then).

If you want a hardened phone and for some reason you cant find a proper case to protect your device, then such phones may be suitable, otherwise I'd look somewhere else.

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